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colorism in the black community
A letter to myself: Self Care
sexuality discorse

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— Gender is a social construct. At this moment in time, I believe that gender is a social construct. Boys wear blue, girls wear pink. Nothing in nature tells that this is true. Men are the hunters, women are the gatherers. In our current society, there is no need to these strict rules. Nowadays, most men don't hunt, and most women don't gather. Choosing to align within one of these socital groups isn't wrong either. It's totally fine, but the concept of a gender is societally constructed, and there isn't a single supernatural rule that says if you don't obey by these rules, this will happen. We're all going to die one day.

— Colorism Everyone is negatively impacted by colorism. However, colorism doesn't affect lightskin people like how it affects darkskined people. As a black person, I'm speaking on colorism within the black community. Colorism is based off the preferiencal treatment of lighter tones over darker tones. With this treatment, darker skin is associated with masculinity, domination, aggression. While lighter skin is associated with femininity, weakness, innocense. As a lightskinned male, it's common to be feminized. As a lightskin woman, it's common to be overly fetishized. As a darkskin male, it's common to be overly fetishized and thought of as a criminal, or someone aggressive. As a darksin woman, it's common to be overly mascunlized and thought of as barbaric. In this system, everyone is negatively affected, but darker skinned women have it the worst.

— A letter to myself: Self Care

Dear Kenny,
Learn to be the bigger person and move on, you don't have to fully forgive them with a blind eye.. but holding grudges isn't healthy for you end the petty behavior, it's unnecessary don't think about what you could've done to make a situation better think about what you can do to make the situation better show initiative to do and try new things.

—sexuality discorse honestly, in the real world it doesn't matter whether you think asexuals are lgbt or not. it also doesn't matter whether you think pansexual is a valid term or not. pan and bi mean the same thing in practice, but it does not mean that either term is invalid. the english dictionary is full of made of words and made of definitions. it's all relative, and the english language is an evergrowing idea. some people are more okay with being called bisexual, that's fine. some people are more okay with being called pansexual, that's fine too. it doesn't matter if you're pan, asexual, or even animesexual. i hate to be this person, but sexuality discorse is a chronically online (just like the term) topic that doesn't make sense, or matter in the real world.