guardian angel, hariel

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angel of purification/innocence; the comforting god; 15th kabbalah angel; keeper of secrets – described as the angel of mysteries, he is known to protect angels from the “holy creatures” that uphold the universe.

times to communicate with guardian angel (24 hr format)

what i can ask my guardian angel

pray to your patron and protector the guardian angel hariel and you will have the capacity to forgive others and to find common ground. call upon him and you will rid yourself of your desire for revenge and your feelings of resentment. he brings you mercy, generosity, and kindness.

ask for his help and support and the guardian angel hariel will enhance your femininity. you can also ask him to make you less possessive and more able to detach yourself from people and things which can do you no good.

if you ask him, he will free you from any and all bad habits, including those involving a dependency which is doing you more harm than good.

if you feel like an abandoned child, the angel hariel is there to eliminate these feelings and help you to find love that is universal and unconditional.

things i heard when i saw an angel number