the church of euthanasia

The Church of Euthanasia started by a dream Chris Korda had. in this dream he was contacted by otherworldly being known ironically as as "the Being". The being claimed to speak for the people of Earth in other dimensions. The Being warned of our current failing ecosystem. the being stated that our leaders perpetually deny this, asked why our leaders lie to us, and why so many of us believe in such lies. Korda woke up from the dream saying the church's now infamous slogan, "Save the Planet - Kill Yourself."

the church of euthanasia is labeled as a religious organization on wikipeda. it was founded by christ korda and robert kimberk in 1992 (location: Boston, Massachusetts)

in my opinion, the church isn't a religion. it's more of a critique on overpopulation on earth, leading into antihumanism the one commandment of the church of euthanasia is "thou shalt not procreate"- basically, do not have kids.

the four pillars are: suicide (it's encouraged, but not forced upon it's members), abortion, canibalism (don't eat meat, but if you must- have it be human meat), and sodomy (any sexual act not intended for procreation). with this in mind, homosexuality and veganism is greatly encouraged upon its members.

on the "religion's" website, abortion is thought of as a sacred right- the article created by "Nevada Kerr". you know what, this religion could be a good excuse to get abortions when individual states outlaw the practice. anyways, back to the poing: abortion is a sacred right.

it states that the midwife, healer, shaman, witch is the holy abortionist. the author then calls for the end of witch hunts. the author then moves on to shun christian's for their attitudes towards abortion. it states that as ultamite lifebringers, women are allowed the right to decide when their children are to die.

the church does have rather extreme views on the surface, but when you think beyond the surface and what the message is really telling you. it makes more sense than most would care to believe