Why I do not like hoteps.

Hoteps and the similarity between white supremacists

They both believe that they are the true decendents of the lost tribes of isreal and that jewish people are evil and control the world. in general, there is a lot of anti-semetic talking points that are similar between both groups.

"The jews were responsible for all of this fielth and degenerate behavior that hollywood is putting out- turning men into women and women into men" — Louis Farrakhan

The next topic homophobia. There has been a multitude of black hoteps claim that "there's a gay agenda in place meant to destroy the black family". Not only does this sound exactly the same to the mid-20th century fear that white homosexuals were invading the government and that they are made to destroy the family unit and white christian ideals... But this is also identical to white supremacists saying that gay people cannot properly raise children, therefore should not be allowed to adopt.

These people are the same pro-life people who state that abortion is the genocide of their race, while over thousands of kids sit in foster care every year. This is a big talking point of white supremacists and hoteps who believe that women of their races who support pro-choice polices are "selfish race traders". Large portions of both groups dislike contraceptions as well. As whites are on track to become minorities, they believe abortion is the distablization of the white race. They both believe that women should put their respective races first

Both hoteps and white supremacists hate feminism. White supremacists like Richard B. Spencer and countless others claim that it is either outdated or a uneeded evil concept that femminizes men. The value of women is determined by child bearing and marriage. Hoteps like Umar Johnson and others claim that feminism is a white plot that destroys the black family by making black women mainly and black men femminine. Both group see femminism as something that is targeting and victimizing men. Both faulsly believing that women gaining rights = stripping men of their rights.

The denial of rape culture is another issue that is similar between the two groups. As white trump supports claiming that trump's "grab them by the pussy" comment was just joking around and that liberals are too sensitive about boys being boys. As black hoteps who act like talking about sexual assult in the black community or holding rapists like Bill Cosby and R Kelly accountable for their crimes is the same thing as lynching black men or endorsing the kkk.

Hoteps desire to not destroy white supremacy, but to recreate it with themselves at the top